Maintenance Services

What you don't see can hurt you. Protect your investment and the health and safety of your family.

Because We Care

PCM understands the importance of looking after the health and safety of your family as well as protecting the investment in your home because we are home owners too. For most of us, our home is the largest investment we make in a lifetime. Scheduled maintenance, like our vehicles, ensures that parts do not deteriorate and become damaged and performance is maximized. This results in added efficiency, a longer service-life, and the reduction of costly repairs.

PCM offers preventative maintenance services for home and building owners throughout the lower mainland, including: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Lions Bay, Burnaby, Surrey, and the Tri-Cities.". Our standard program includes three visits to your home or building every year and includes:

Building Envelope Inspection to identify:

  • areas of obvious decay or staining
  • damaged building components
  • worn out materials and the end of their service life
  • suspect or potential detail or design issues known to be problematic

Moisture Assessment:

An in-depth analysis that involves performning select test openings of the building envelope to measure moisture levels and the condition of building components and structural framing

Scheduled Maintenance:

  • An experienced building envelope technician performs basic maintenance, including the cleaning of gutters, roof, and balcony drains.
  • Note any areas of concern with corresponding recommendations and pricing (if necessary) to repair

Quality Remediation/Repair Services:

When a problem does arise, PCM is there to complete the repairs and replacements. We fix only what needs repairs and do not replace items that can be monitored and maintained.

Customized Maintenance Manual:

A comprehensive record keeping center for owners to effectively manage all aspects of their home or building maintenance. When the maintenance manual is used and kept current through updates, it is an effective tool for maintaining the building, budgeting for future material replacement, and ultimately reducing costs.

Under One Roof

PCM has a strong competitive advantage in having the ability and experience to perform building envelope design, construction and repairs, and ongoing maintenance "under one roof". PCM's clients benefit by having one source for all their building envelope needs, resulting in significant cost savings and service capabilities.

View the PCM Home Maintenance Brochure