Our business depends on our reputation. We are dedicated to providing superior quality workmanship and long-term value. PCM uses top quality materials, experienced supervisors, building envelope maintenance technicians, and construction trades people.

All work is guaranteed and covered by the POMGUARD WARRANTY which acts like an umbrella over other material and sub-contractor warranties that may be in place (vary depending on the product and manufacturer.) This typically results in overlapping coverage and a longer warranty period, which exceeds industry standard. The POMGUARD WARRANTY is fully transferable, establishes value for home and building owners, and is unique to the industry.

The minimum warranty for any complete scope of work is five years. At the completion of a project, PCM compiles and tracks all warranty, cleaning and maintenance information. We advise and complete maintenance work on an ongoing basis to ensure our clients receive maximum value from any repairs.

Length of warranties follow these general guidelines:

Description Length of Warranty
Service work 1 year
Minor repair work 2 to 5 years*
Major repair/remediation work 5 to 15 years*

* note: multi-year warranties are determined by site specific conditions such as: size of repair, new/replaced building components versus existing/remaining, existing detailing, and tie-ins.